Doggy daycare transformed

Have you ever wished you could just find some place that you can drop your dog off for a few hours at the last minute? Maybe you decided to let your dog hop in the car one morning and then halfway through your day you realized that you had an appointment that was going to last too long to let your dog sit in the car.. you search the internet but can’t find any place that offers immediate drop-in services. Well, stop killing your eyes researching for that place that supposedly doesn’t exist. There is a place like that and it’s called Hair B&B.

The business just opened up in January but has actually been established for a few years now. It’s a great doggy daycare but is also many other things. Great things. It’s a dog boarding facility servicing Reno and Sparks. With early and late pick up and drop off options it’s the perfect place to bring your dog. The staff is friendly and on the clock 24/7. You can be rest assured that your pup will always have a human at bay. The daycare opens as early as 6 am and picking up can be as late as 10 pm. So you have a long shift at work and want to swing by the bar and grab a beer with a coworker after work and won’t be able to pick up your pooch until 8:30 pm.. not a problem at Hair B&B! They even offer weekend daycare hours. If you work a graveyard shift they can accommodate that as well!

Besides boarding and daycare, they offer full service grooming. Your pet will look great after leaving this place. With a licensed veterinary technician being the groomer (and owner of the business) people are at peace of mind that their animal is being well cared for. Dogs and cats of all sizes and circumstances are welcome to the salon.

They offer other services too besides all that! Drop-in visits to your own home to check on your pets, pet waste removal, pet transport, and they can even pick up and drop off your pet if you want to them to go to the facility.

Hair B&B is located in a very convenient spot for all of Reno and Sparks residents. The address is 1630 Pittman ave near Rock Blvd and Glendale ave. Look it up on Facebook or stop by. The staff is always very welcoming of new people and pets!